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 May 11, 2019

The landscape on my home page is the view I can see with a short hike from my house into the desert.   Those are the Needles Peaks and in front of them is the Colorado River.

That picture of the bird is an American Kestrel who comes every year to nest in a tree outside my window.  This kestrel family has been coming here for six years now, and every year I get to watch the parents bring food to the nestlings.  After a few weeks the nestlings will start venturing out onto the branches of the tree, and then the big day comes and the parents teach the now-fledglings to fly.  One parent perches on a branch on one side of the street, and the other on a branch on the opposite side, and the babies practice flying back and forth between the two.

I like this picture of the kestrel by itself.  It kind of represents how I feel some days. Solo. Watching. But with a beautiful tree and blue skies as a reminder of the world around me.

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