A little bit about me....

I've loved to write for as long as I can remember. If you were to dig out my old school notebooks you'd find lots of ideas and scribbles in the margins (and sometimes where I should have been doing the assignment).

Probably like most writers, I resist boxing myself into a specific genre. I usually write for young adults, but not always. Short speculative sci-fi & fantasy are my favorite to write. I really like questioning what we think of the world. How do we know what's really true? Life, death, magic, myth, society, family, history.... what if all of these things and more were different from what we understand? These are the things I love to explore. Find something we take for granted, and tweak it a little bit.

Most of my stories are fairly lighthearted and I try to be fun, so if you're looking for
hot romance or bloody murders, well...
Let's just say that's not my thing.

I live in Southern California near Arizona and Nevada, in a desert town near a river and mountains. I have two dogs, three cats, and lots of birds in my trees.
In what I call my past lives I have been a teacher, a photographer, a police dispatcher and I even used to deliver the mail. When I want to have fun and relax I might take my dogs on a walk, go for a motorcycle ride (on my big street bike!), or make what I call 'primitive sculptures' in ceramics ('primitive' because of my skill level).

One final thought...
One of my favorite quotes:
"Everyone you're ever going to meet in life.... you already met them on the playground."
(Who said that? Me.)

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